Swami Om's Another Cheap Tactic To Seek Attention

Bigg Boss 10 has been in news for all the ugly fights between the inmates, linkups and of course the self-proclaimed godman, Swami Om, who was thrown out of the Bigg Boss’s house for his misconduct in the game show. Post his exit from the show the attention seeker swami made controversial statements to remain in the limelight. This time again the swami the self-proclaimed sage is back in the news and this time he is seen getting a lap dance from a hot bikini clad model. The video of model Anam Khan dancing around Swami Om trying to distract him while he is deep in meditation has been going viral over the internet. The video has the model dancing to ‘Chal Sanyasi Mandir Me’ in a cheap and mismatched bikini, stripping, touching and trying to seduce the swami by dancing around him as he is showing off his self-control by remaining still. https://youtu.be/medROMIBjbM The ex-Bigg Boss 10 contestant is doing just anything to gain some attention after being thrown out of the Bigg Boss 10 house. From calling Salman Khan an ISI agent to throwing pee on fellow inmates in the Bigg Boss house, Swami Om has done it all. This new move seems to mark a new low for the spiritual guru, and the video is extremely awful. Swami Om is seen meditating in his iconic red outfit as a huge Om pendant dangles from his neck. The video is shot from a very uncomfortable angle making the entire video all the more unbearable. You May Also Like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection