Salman Khan is not leaving Galaxy Apartment : Salim Khan

Salman khan is going to leave his Galaxy Apartment and a shift in a new house. Recently this came in news, then this issue got linked with Salman and Lulia Vantur's wedding. But if to believe Salim Khan then there is not truth in the news. Salman is not going anywhere leaving the apartment. It is been told that Salman has bought an apartment in the building called Little Star in Bandra. Salman Khan is getting done some work in it. Then he will shift to the new one. But one strange is that there is no Little Star named a building in Bandra. Then how is Salman Khan shifted here? When Salman Khan's father Salim Khan was asked about it, then he told this news as useless. In an interview, he said, 'This is a wrong news, this was written when Journalist was not having any news. This is absolutely wrong that Salman is leaving the Galaxy Apartment and Salman is not going to stay somewhere else.' We are happy that Salman is not going anywhere leaving his father alone. Well, if is it like this then Will Salman get Lulia Vantur in Galaxy Apartment only. Salman Khan these days is busy shooting for his upcoming film 'Tubelight'. Chinese Actress Zhu Zhu will be seen in this film. Salman in this film is playing role of a soldier. Kabir Khan is director of this film. First Schedule of Shooting was done in Ladhak and second is going on in Manali. You may also know :