Which Item song I will get, I will do that : Kareena Kapoor

Kareena kapoor Khan's look and steps were not liked in the song Mera Nam Mary Hai of Brothers. Manoj Bajpai said, 'Thankgod Item number is going from Bollywood, but kareena doesn't care about all this. She is ready to do item number which will be offered to her. She laughs, 'Was my item number criticised? I don't know. Some people will always like it and some won't. I am not here to make everyone happy.' She says, 'This is not a rocket science. This is just a song and if people think it was wrong then I don't care. I will keep doing item songs, because I love doing it. I did that song for my friend Karan Johar. I can never say no to him. I love Dance and also item songs.'