Document and CDs to be supplied against Mika Singh

Now Mika Singh is seen getting trapped in Legal cases. Mika Singh who called a doctor on a stage and slapped him, that doctor has registered a case against Mika under Civil and Criminal compensation. Tees hazari Court has ordered the lawyer for supplying documents and cds, who has filed a case against Mika singh. Apart from this court has issued a summon for Mika Singh in the matter of 50 lakhs compensation by Doctor. Let me tell you, next hearing will take place on 3rd March. Hearing of Criminal Compensation against Mika will take place on 22 February. On 12 April, near Indra Puri, during a live performance, Mika called a fan from the audience (Doctor) on the stage, after some debate, Mika slapped him. However, if to believe Mika Singh, Mika was telling him the way he was showing middle finger from audience area, in a same way show here also. For sometime they had a debate and suddenly Mika slapped him.